Sunday Studio Tour

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Once a thing exists, it just exists. Being someone who makes things and orchestrates the making of things, I am very aware of how many hands and of all the steps it takes to make a piece 'appear'. Day to day there's not a lot of time spent speculating on this fact, but on a quiet day when I am unloading a kiln full of work I"m filled with awe and deep gratification at how it all comes together to make this thing, this thing. Above are some pictures of the studio as it was this past quiet Sunday.

Below is excerpt from a book by Robert Beer that has long been a cornerstone of inspiration since my jewelry days. I certainly make no comparison to the artistry and depth of vision that Robert Beer had in order to create his beautiful book of Tibetan Symbols, but in my own way I can relate to the space between idea & realization.

'VISION is sometimes a terrible thing. Ideas are easy to come by, they spring effortlessly out of the vacuity of the mind and cost nothing. When they are held and projected onto one’s self or others they become a project. When the project is enacted it becomes the work, and when the work is completed it appears to be self-existent. Creation is the process of form manifesting from emptiness, where that which arises from the mind comes into existence. Yet the distance between conception and realization may be enormous, as vast as the distance between stars’ 

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