September 2017: Books Are Magic

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As part of the inaugural Brooklyn Clay Tour (a weekend of diverse ceramic events/shows/demos) Isabel Halley and I have put together a group ceramic show in celebration of books, clay & community hosted at the new Clinton Hill bookstore Books Are Magic. The opening is next Friday, but the show runs through the weekend and into mid-September. 

Opening: Friday Sept. 8th 6-8pm

Address: 225 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY (Smith and Butler) 

Artists: Ann Agee, Alyce Barr, Jenny Blumenfield, Mary Chatham, Andrea Clark, Kathy Erteman, Deborah Hilert, Fort Makers- Nana Spears/Keith Simpson, Fredericks & Mae- Jolie Mae Signorile/Gabriel Fredericks Cohen, Paula Greif, Cassie Griffin, Isabel Halley, Ayumi Horie, Whittney Klan, KleinReid- James Klein/David Reid, Lucky Fish- Jann Cheifitz, Kate Missett, Amanda Moffat, Mondays- Nina Lalli, Mondays- Jennifer Fiore, MQuan Studio- Michele Quan, Nicholas Newcomb, Object & Totem- Julianne Ahn, John Sheppard, Shino Takeda, Elisabeth Timpone, Tiana Tucker, Matthew Ward, Natalie Weinberger, Ivy Weinglass, Betty Woodman, Workaday Handmade- Forrest Lewinger 


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